16 Coolest iPhone Tips and Tricks

In the realm of smartphones, the iPhone stands as a beacon of innovation and user-friendly design. Its operating system, iOS, consistently introduces features that enhance user experience, boost productivity, and add a dash of fun to everyday tasks. Today, we’re going to explore some of the coolest 16 iPhone tips and tricks that will transform how you use your device.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover hidden features in iOS 16.
  • Learn how to optimize your iPhone experience.
  • Uncover tips and tricks that boost productivity and fun.

Meet Your Guide

As someone who’s been a tech enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I’ve spent countless hours exploring every nook and cranny of my iPhone. I’m Mira, and I’m excited to share my discoveries with you. Let’s dive in!

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Best Cool iPhone Tips and Tricks

1. Live Text: A New Way to Interact with Text

One of the most impressive features introduced in iOS 16 is Live Text. This feature allows you to interact with text in your photos in a whole new way. You can copy, look up, and translate text directly from your photos. It’s as simple as opening the Photos app, selecting a photo with text, and tapping on the text.

2. Visual Lookup: Your Personal Guide

Visual Lookup is another exciting feature in iOS 16. It allows your iPhone to identify art, landmarks, plants, pets, and more in your photos. Just open a photo, swipe up, and if there’s something recognizable, you’ll see a little ‘i’ button. Tap on it, and voila! You’ll get information about the object or place in the photo.

3. Focus Mode: Personalize Your Notification Preferences

Focus mode is a new feature in iOS 16 that lets you filter notifications based on what you’re currently doing. You can set up different Focus modes for activities like work, personal time, sleep, or even custom activities. This feature helps you stay in the zone by reducing distractions.

4. Redesigned Safari: A More Seamless Browsing Experience

The Safari browser has been redesigned in iOS 16 to provide a more seamless and enjoyable browsing experience. The search bar is now at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to reach. Plus, you can now customize your start page and use extensions on your iPhone, just like on your Mac.

5. FaceTime Enhancements: More Than Just Calls

FaceTime has received significant enhancements in iOS 16. Spatial Audio gives FaceTime calls a sense of directionality, making group calls feel more natural. Portrait mode blurs the background, putting the focus on you. And with SharePlay, you can watch movies, listen to music, or share your screen with others during a FaceTime call.

6. Privacy Features: Greater Control Over Your Data

iOS 16 introduces new privacy features that give you greater control over your data. The App Privacy Report provides an overview of how apps use your data. Mail Privacy Protection hides your IP address and prevents senders from knowing when you open an email.

7. Siri: Now Even More Helpful

Siri has become more helpful in iOS 16. It can now handle on-device speech processing, making requests faster and more reliable. Plus, Siri can now understand and execute more complex tasks, making your interactions with it more naturaland efficient.

8. iCloud+: Enhanced Security and Convenience

iCloud+ is a new service introduced in iOS 16 that provides additional features to existing iCloud users at no extra cost. These features include Private Relay, which encrypts your internet traffic, and Hide My Email, which lets you create unique, random email addresses to keep your personal email private.

9. Health Sharing: Keep Your Loved Ones Informed

The Health app now allows you to share your health data with your family members or caregivers. This feature can be particularly useful for keeping an eye on the health of elderly parents or children.

10. Universal Control: Seamlessly Work Across Devices

Although not exclusive to the iPhone, Universal Control is a feature that deserves mention. It allows you to use a single mouse and keyboard to control your Mac and iPad, making multitasking across devices a breeze.

11. Widgets and App Library: Organize Your Home Screen

iOS 14 introduced Widgets and the App Library, but they’re worth mentioning for anyone who hasn’t fully explored them. Widgets provide at-a-glance information and can be placed anywhere on your Home Screen. The App Library automatically organizes your apps into categories, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

12. Back Tap: A Hidden Control Method

Back Tap is a hidden feature that lets you double or triple-tap the back of your iPhone to perform specific actions, like taking a screenshot or launching an app. You can find this feature in Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap.

13. Dark Mode: Easy on the Eyes

Dark Mode, introduced in iOS 13, changes the appearance of your iPhone’s interface to a darker color scheme, which can be easier on your eyes in low-light environments. You can schedule Dark Mode to turn on automatically at sunset or at a specific time.

14. Shortcuts: Automate Your Tasks

The Shortcuts app allows you to create custom shortcuts to automate tasks. For example, you can create a shortcut to send a message to a specific contact, play your favorite playlist, or get directions to a specific location with a single tap.

15. Silence Unknown Callers: Avoid Unwanted Calls

If you’re tired of receiving spam calls, the Silence Unknown Callers feature is for you. When enabled, calls from numbers not in your contacts, mail, or messages will be sent directly to voicemail.

16. Emergency SOS: Stay Safe

Emergency SOS is a feature that allows you to quickly call emergency services by pressing the side button five times rapidly. It’s a crucial feature that could potentially save your life in an emergency situation.


1. What is the Live Text feature in iOS 16?

Live Text is a feature in iOS 16 that allows you to interact with text in your photos. You can copy, look up, and translate text directly from your photos.

2. How does the Focus mode in iOS 16 work?

Focus mode is a feature in iOS 16 that lets you filter notifications based on what you’re currently doing. You can set up different Focus modes for activities like work, personal time, sleep, or even custom activities.

3. What are the new privacy features in iOS 16?

iOS 16 introduces new privacy features like the App Privacy Report, which provides an overview of how apps use your data, and Mail Privacy Protection, which hides your IP address and prevents senders from knowing when you open an email.

Final Words

Remember, the key to mastering your iPhone lies in exploring its features and experimenting with different settings. Don’t be afraid to dive into the settings or try out a new app. Who knows? You might discover a new feature or trick that significantly enhances your iPhone experience. Happy exploring!

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions or need further clarification on any of these tips and tricks, feel free to ask. I’m here to help you make the most of your iPhone experience.


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