Caring for Your Alienware Laptop: Essential Guidelines

Alienware laptops are one of the coolest-looking laptops you would ever find. Their rigid tank-type build and great performance make them a great deal for those who are looking for gaming laptops also high-performance tasks.

Caring for Your Alienware Laptop is crucial when it comes to continuous steady performance. We all know that Alienware laptops are Dell’s most high-end gaming laptops known for their beastly performance. 

So to maintain its peak performance caring for it is a must. Basically, cleaning your laptop with a towel and alcohol keeps it clean, but there is more when it comes to taking care.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know to take care of your Alienware laptop.

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Preventive Care for Your Alienware Laptop

Care for your Alienware laptop is a must to prevent any upcoming issues with it. That’s why it should be prioritized for the betterment of your laptop’s health. There are 3 things you need to follow while taking care of your Alienware laptop. They are

  1. Cleaning Alienware Laptop
  1. Temperature and Ventilation Considerations
  1. Regular Software Updates and System Maintenance

Cleaning Alienware Laptop

When it comes to cleaning your Alienware laptop, there are different parts that can be cleaned in different ways. You can clean your laptop in various ways. Here are some of the following:

Cleaning the surface of your Alienware laptop

Cleaning the surface of your Alienware laptop

  • Using A Damp Cloth:

This is the most basic way to clean your laptop. When you have little dust or stains on your laptop, this works well on it.

Before you start cleaning, make sure your laptop’s power is off. Moist your towel a little bit and clean off your laptop without leaving any water droplets behind.

  • Using Alcohol Wipes:

If oil stains and any kind of stains remain on your laptop, it can get really frustrating to remove them with a damp cloth. 

So you need to add alcohol solvent to your cloth to clean off the stains.

Although cloths are not ideal for cleaning stains, rather take a microfiber cloth or a microfiber towel and add alcohol to it and gently clean off the stains with ease.

  • Using Compressed Air: 

For a performance-oriented laptop like Alienware, there are a lot of vents to dissipate heat. This vent can attract dust easily, which can pile up and compromise your laptop’s performance.

Regular wipes can not clean this dirt easily, so you need to use compressed air to clean them off. 

By blowing air into the parts where dust are accumulated, like the vents and gaps between keys in your keyboard, you can get rid of them.

Cleaning The keyboard of your Alienware laptop

Cleaning The keyboard of your Alienware laptop:

Cleaning your laptop’s keyboard is essential as we know the gaps between keys catch so much dirt inside them. For a better typing experience and to prevent any malfunction with the keys, the keyboard needs to be cleaned as much as possible. You can clean your keyboard in various ways. Some of them are:

  • Using Compressed air to blow off dirt:

Compressed air can be incredibly useful when it comes to cleaning the internal parts of your Alienware keyboard

The compressed air blowing from the air duster container is strong enough to remove debris effectively without causing any damage to your keyboard. 

An optional straw attachment is also available that allows you to clean off the dirt from specific keyboard areas to force out any stubborn residue. 

Doing this lets you keep your keyboard clean and makes it function smoothly without any hassle.

  • Use of Cleaning Cloth and Brush:

If your Alienware keyboard needs an intense cleaning, a cleaning brush and a dry towel might do the job for you. These brushes have long, soft bristles that can easily reach between the keys and get rid of any dirt that might get stuck between your keys.

After removing the dirt from your keyboard, there might be more dirt stuck between the keys. Gently shake the laptop upside down so that any remaining dirt falls off, and after that, use a towel to wipe the keyboard clean. This easy process will help you keep your keyboard looking tidy and functioning at its best.

  • Removing Keys on Alienware Laptop:

If you think cleaning your keyboard from the outside won’t work, you might think of removing the keys so that you clean off your Alienware keyboard from the inside. 

It’s important for you to note that removing keys from your laptop’s keyboard is a fragile method. Also, there is a high chance that things can go wrong too. So it is recommended to be considered as your last resort.

On their website, Dell recommends using a flathead screwdriver to remove keys from your keyboard. Gently loosen and remove the keys by using a flathead screwdriver for cleaning. 

Insert the tip of the screwdriver beneath each corner of the keys and lift them so that they pop off.

Clean the dirt that was beneath your keys using an air duster or brush. After you are done, replace them back where they were. Be careful when you arrange the keys because any wrong placement in keys might make your whole procedure a mess.

Temperature and Ventilation Considerations

There are some ways you can reduce heat on your laptop and make sure your laptop is venting the heat out. Some of them are

1. Elevate your laptop

One common reason for laptops overheating is when they don’t have enough airflow underneath them.

The simple solution to this problem is You just need to raise your laptop by putting a small book under it. This allows air to circulate more freely, helping to keep your laptop cool. 

However, investing in a laptop cooling pad is an even better option. These pads come with built-in fans and provide proper ventilation for your laptop. Cooling pads are available in many different shapes and power, So you can choose the best one that goes well with your laptop. 

We will discuss about cooling pads later so read along.

2. Use a lap desk for proper ventilation.

Another effective way to keep your Alienware laptop properly ventilated is using a lap desk, which can be really helpful for ensuring proper ventilation. 

If you notice, some little rubber feet on the bottom of your laptop are designed to elevate it slightly so that the airflow is constant underneath. 

Many people are comfortable placing their laptops directly on their laps, which blocks the airflow underneath and can cause overheating issues. 

By using a lap desk, you can maintain a constant flow of air underneath your laptop. Doing this will help keep your laptop cool and prevent any overheating problems.

3. Use a laptop cooling pad for temperature maintenance.

One of the best ways to dissipate heat out of your Alienware laptop and maintain optimal temperature is to add a cooling pad under your laptop.

These laptop cooling pads are quite effective in helping your laptop stay at the proper temperature. 

The cooling pad is equipped with fans that work by moving the hot air away from your laptop while drawing in cooler air from the surroundings. 

This way, the cooling pads help to prevent any heat buildup and ensure that your laptop runs smoothly without getting too hot. 

So, when protecting your laptop from overheating, using a cooling pad is a great solution.

Regular Software Updates and System Maintenance

  1. Configure your startup menu.

You should check the applications that automatically launch when you start up your computer because this app slows down your CPU performance, hence lag. 

To take control of this, you can head over to the Settings option and find the Startup section. Then there, you’ll see the manage option. Simply set up which applications will run during startup and avoid any unnecessary apps you don’t want to start up.

By tweaking these settings, you can optimize how your computer will work when it startups and less ram will be used, which means you will get better performance.

  1. Clean your drive regularly.

You can perform a disk cleanup to create additional space on your hard drive. 

This way, you can remove any unnecessary temporary files, excess language files, large email attachments, and many other things. 

It’s a useful way to free up valuable storage on your computer, which helps to run your pc faster.

  1. Install computer updates regularly.

To keep your applications running safely and to make sure there isn’t a security breach on your Alienware laptop, it is advised to update your laptop once a month.

They keep your laptop health optimal, and they come with a security patch up which helps to protect your laptop from unwanted breaches.

  1. Update your antivirus software.

Virus is a big threat to your laptop, so you need antivirus software to detect any malware and virus and  will protect your laptop from them.

Updating your antivirus software is a must to keep it updated for any new malware or virus to be found. You can manually update it, or you can just set it to auto-update. Also, don’t forget to turn on the notification to receive any further updates faster.

Carrying or Transporting the Laptop

Carrying your laptop is a crucial part of your maintenance, too. Here are some tips you can follow while you carry your laptop:

Choosing a Suitable Laptop Bag or Case

To choose a suitable laptop bag for your Alienware laptop is to look for the perfect size so that it can fit easily. Make sure it’s water-resistant and has enough room for other laptop accessories. The additional features would be adjustable straps and anti-robber features.

This way, you can carry your Alienware laptop with ease.

Handling and Storing the Laptop During Travel

Handling your laptop while you travel is a major way to prevent it from any outside damage. Make sure you always keep your laptop bag with you and don’t put it in your luggage because luggags are handled roughly, which can do potential damage to your laptop. Try to carry it with when your travel, if possible.

Final Words

Caring for Your Alienware Laptop can be done in many ways. Caring for it prolongs its life and health.

As we mentioned above, caring for it has many steps and can be done in various ways. By proper caring, you can enjoy the proper performance from this compact beast and get your job done in no time.


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