How to Change Your Google Calendar Settings for Better Time Management in 2023

Keeping your Google Calendar settings optimized can make a big difference in your ability to manage your time and stay on top of your schedule. With a few simple tweaks to your Google Calendar settings, you can customize your calendar to suit your needs and streamline your day. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the key Google Calendar settings you need to know about to take control of your schedule.


Google Calendar is one of the most popular and powerful calendar apps available today. With its wide range of settings and customization options, you can tailor Google Calendar to manage your days effortlessly.

Optimizing your Google Calendar settings helps you to:

  • Streamline your schedule
  • Stay on top of appointments and events
  • Block out time for your priorities
  • Automate reminders and notifications
  • Integrate with other apps and calendars
  • Share your calendar securely
  • Access your calendar from anywhere

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to change your Google Calendar settings like a pro. We’ll cover all the essential settings you need to know about to get the most out of Google Calendar for better time management.

How to Access Your Google Calendar Settings

The first step is knowing how to access your calendar settings in your Google Calendar account. Here’s how:

  1. Open Google Calendar on your desktop or mobile device.
  2. Look for the Settings gear icon at the top right.
  3. Click on Settings. This will open up the full menu for Google Calendar Settings.

Alternatively, you can also access your settings by going to on your browser.

Now let’s look at the key Google Calendar settings you need to optimize.

General Settings

The General settings allow you to customize your time zone, week starts on, time format, notifications, and more.

Time Zone

  • Make sure your primary time zone is correctly set to your local time zone. This ensures your events show at the right time.

Week Starts On

  • Set what day your week starts on, either Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.

Time Format

  • Choose between 12 or 24 hour time format.

Date Format

  • Pick your preferred date format like MM/DD/YYYY.

Show Declined Events

  • Turn this off to avoid seeing declined events on your calendar.

Default Reminder

  • Set a default reminder time to automatically notify you for new events, like 15 minutes before.

Desktop Notifications

  • Enable notifications to pop up reminders on your desktop.

Event Notifications

  • Customize how and when you receive email and pop-up notifications for events.

Calendar Settings

The Calendar settings menu allows you to manage how your calendar looks and functions.

Calendar View

  • Switch between month, week, day, 4 days, agenda or schedule view.

Show Week Numbers

  • Display week numbers for better week view navigation.

Hide Declined Events

  • Choose not to view declined events on your calendar.

Show Events by

  • View events grouped by day, hour or minutes in agenda view.

Event Times

  • Adjust how event times show, either 2 hours, 4 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours.

Auto-Confirm Meetings

  • Automatically add events invited to your calendar without responding.

Quick Add Default Duration

  • Set a default length for quick add events like 30 minutes.

Default Event Reminders

  • Pick default reminders, like 10 minutes before event.

Default Event Time Zone

  • Set a different default time zone for your events.

Mobile Settings

Configure your mobile settings specifically for accessing Google calendar on your smartphone or tablet.

Time Zone Detection

  • Automatically set your mobile time zone.


  • Customize notifications for calendar events on mobile.


  • Set a unique ringtone for calendar alerts on mobile.

Reminder Settings

  • Select when and how you receive reminders on mobile.

Default Calendar View

  • Choose the default calendar view on the app like month view.

Enable Travel Time

  • Turn on travel time notifications to remind you when to leave based on commute.

Quick Responses

  • Create set quick reply messages when responding on mobile.

Sync Settings

Sync settings allow you to manage how your Google calendars sync across devices.

Events from Gmail

  • Choose to automatically add events and flight bookings from Gmail to your calendar.

Contacts’ Birthdays

  • Sync birthdays from your Google contacts to your calendar.

Sync Calendar to Devices

  • Pick which Google calendars to sync to your computer and mobile devices.

Automate Syncing

  • Set automatic syncing instead of manual sync for real-time updates.

Integrated Calendar Settings

Integrating third-party calendars into your Google calendar helps consolidate information.

Add Holiday Calendar

  • Enable public holiday calendar for your region.

Add Interesting Calendars

  • Add Google’s interesting calendar categories like sports events, conference dates, etc.

Import Facebook Events

  • Pull in events from your Facebook account automatically.

Connect Other Accounts

  • Sync your calendar with other accounts like Outlook or Apple.

Shared Calendar Settings

Manage how you collaborate and share your calendar with a team.

Share with Specific People

  • Add individuals to share full access or read-only access.

Share by Link

  • Generate a calendar link to share view or edit access.

Make Available for Booking

  • Allow people to book slots directly on your calendar.

Automated Booking Slots

  • Set booking availability, duration, buffers, limits and notifications.

Integration with Google Workspace

  • Enable calendar integration across Workspace tools like Gmail, Docs, Meet.

Customizing Your Calendar

Aside from the key settings above, you can also customize the look, feel and functionality of your calendar for optimal experience.

Change Calendar Colors

  • Set different color schemes for your calendars.

Create Multiple Calendars

  • Add new calendars for work, personal, family, etc.

Add Calendar Widgets

  • Surface Google calendar widgets on mobile homescreen.

Install Google Calendar Apps

  • Enhance with free apps like Calendar Widget, CalendarHepper, etc.

Set Working Hours

  • Configure business hours to limit availability.

Best Practices for Optimizing Google Calendar

Follow these best practices to really optimize your Google Calendar settings:

  • Carefully set default reminders appropriate for you. Too many can be disruptive.
  • Use multiple calendars and color code them for different purposes.
  • Disable notifications during certain hours to avoid distractions.
  • Review settings regularly in case you need to adjust preferences.
  • Sync across all devices for accessibility anywhere.
  • Leverage apps like CalendarHepper for added functionality.
  • Use time zone detection when traveling to automatically adjust.
  • Share calendars with relevant people like family or coworkers.
  • Turn off auto-add invitations if you want to review before accepting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions people have about changing their Google Calendar settings:

How do I change my default calendar on mobile?

On the Google Calendar app, tap the 3-line menu at top left -> Settings -> General -> Default Calendar.

Can I set default settings for new events?

Yes, under General Settings you can set default reminders, duration, etc. for new events.

How do I customize multiple calendars?

Click the + next to Other Calendars to create new calendars and color code them with different settings.

What’s the easiest way to share my calendar?

The quickest way is to click Share with specific people and add their emails to share access.

How do I sync Facebook events to my calendar?

Go to Settings -> Integrated calendars and enable importing Facebook events to automatically sync them.


Optimizing your Google Calendar settings can make a significant difference in calendar management and time effectiveness. Taking the time to carefully adjust your settings will help you streamline scheduling, never miss appointments, automate reminders and notifications, integrate information from other apps, and customize Google Calendar to suit your specific needs. Use the comprehensive settings guide above to tweak your Google Calendar and take control of your schedule.


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