how to charge t500 smart watch without charger?

Finding yourself without the correct OEM charger for your T500 smartwatch can be frustrating. But with some clever workarounds, you can keep your T500 powered on until you replace the stock charger.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll outline various methods to charge your T500 smartwatch without the original charger. I’ll provide detailed steps, pros/cons comparisons, troubleshooting tips, and additional advice to help you keep your T500 running in a pinch.


Hi, I’m Mira and I’ve been an avid smartwatch user for years. I recently found myself without the charger for my T500 smartwatch during a work trip. Thankfully, with some creative thinking and DIY handiwork, I was able to devise a few effective methods to keep my T500 charged up until I got home.

In this guide, I’ll share all the charging solutions I came up with, so you can avoid being left with a dead smartwatch if you ever lose your charger too. From common USB chargers to wireless pads to homebrew copper tape rigs, we’ve got you covered!

Overview of Charging Methods

There are a few main approaches you can take to charging a T500 without its stock charger:

  • USB Chargers – Use a compatible charger from another device like a phone or laptop.
  • Wireless Charging – If supported, charge wirelessly with a Qi pad.
  • DIY Charging – Rig up a temporary charger with copper tape and a power bank.
  • Replacement Chargers – Buy an inexpensive generic T500 charger online.

Below I’ll go through each method in detail, with step-by-step instructions and pro/con comparisons. But first, let’s start with some key information on the T500’s charging requirements.

T500 Charging Specs and Compatibility

The key specs to be aware of when charging your T500 without the OEM charger are:

  • Input Power – The T500 needs a steady 5V input for charging.
  • Charging Amperage – The max charger amperage should be 1A or lower. Higher amps could damage it.
  • Charging Port – The T500 uses spring-loaded pogo pins. So replacement chargers need a matching connector.
  • Wireless Charging – Some T500 models support Qi standard wireless charging. You’ll need to verify if yours does.

As long as you ensure compatibility with these specs when using alternate charging methods, your T500 will charge up safely so you can start wearing it again!

Method 1 – Use a USB Charger From Another Device

The easiest way to charge your T500 without its stock charger is to use a USB charger from another device you have handy.

Many modern chargers output a standardized 5V that’s perfect for juicing up the T500. And you’ve likely already got a few lying around at home or work.

Suitable USB Charger Sources

Some USB chargers you can try are:

  • The charger from your smartphone or tablet. Pretty much any modern USB phone charger will work.
  • A laptop’s USB-A port. Bonus if your laptop supports higher power delivery for faster charging.
  • A portable power bank’s USB-A output. Banks with 10,000 mAh+ capacity are best.
  • Speakers, headphones, or other gadgets with a USB port.
  • Any basic 5V USB wall adapter. Look for 1A max output.

Essentially, anything that can safely provide a steady 5V/1A output should be able to charge your T500.

Charging Time and Performance

The charging time will vary depending on the charger used. With a modern fast-charging smartphone brick, expect around 2 hours for a 0-100% charge. Slower 1A USB ports may take closer to 3 hours.

While slower than the stock charger, USB charging will get the job done and get your T500 up and running again in a few hours. It’s the simplest plug-and-play method when you’re stuck without the dedicated charger.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your T500 isn’t charging properly from a USB source, try these tips:

  • Use a high-quality cable – Faulty cables can prevent charging, use the short OEM cable if possible.
  • Try different charger orientations – The pins need to align, so rotate the charger until it connects.
  • Check for dirt/debris in the charging port – Carefully clean out the port if necessary.
  • Verify the USB port provides 5V – Use a multimeter or voltage tester if unsure.
  • Toggle the watch’s charge mode – Some devices only charge when powered off.

Method 2 – Wireless Charging Pads

If your specific T500 smartwatch supports wireless charging, you can charge it by simply placing it on any compatible Qi standard wireless charging pad.

This gives you an easy cable-free way to charge your T500 without needing its official charger.

Checking for Wireless Charging Support

To confirm if your T500 can use wireless charging:

  • Check the user manual for your exact model.
  • Look for the Qi logo on the watch or packaging.
  • Try placing it on a known working Qi pad and see if it starts charging.

If you confirm wireless charging is supported, read on!

Getting a Wireless Charging Pad

You can pick up a generic wireless charging pad online or at most electronics stores for around $10-20. Look for ones with the Qi logo that provide 5-10W output.

Many pads will include a micro USB or USB-C cable to provide power. You can plug this into a USB wall adapter, power bank, or laptop to power the pad.

I recommend getting a pad with an LED indicator to confirm charging and proper alignment. Also look for pads with an anti-slip coating to keep your watch in place.

Charging Time and Performance

Wireless charging is slightly slower, usually taking 2-3 hours to fully charge depending on the charger and watch battery size. But the convenience of simply placing your T500 on a pad makes it worthwhile.

Position the watch centered on the pad for the best charging performance. You’ll know it’s aligned properly when the charging indicator light illuminates. The watch may get slightly warm during charging, this is normal.

With an inexpensive wireless charging pad, you’ll have an easy way to charge your T500 moving forward, even without its original charger.

Method 3 – DIY Charging with Copper Tape

If you don’t have access to a USB charger or wireless charging, you can get creative and construct a DIY charging solution using simple hardware store supplies.

This involves rigging up conductive copper tape leads to transfer power from a USB power bank to your T500’s charging port pins.

While unconventional, this method can be a lifesaver if you’re in a pinch without any other charging options available.

How the DIY Charger Works

This DIY charging method relies on some simple principles of electricity and conduction:

  • Copper tape is highly conductive and can transfer power.
  • The tape’s adhesive allows it to connect to the watch’s charging pins.
  • The power bank provides a stable 5V output when plugged in.
  • This 5V gets transferred through the copper tape into the watch’s charging port, charging the battery.

It’s a rudimentary method, but effective in an emergency if set up properly.

Supply Needed

To build the DIY charger you’ll need:

  • Copper tape – Get a roll with conductive adhesive on one side. Available at most hardware stores.
  • Power bank – Needs a 5V USB-A output port. 10,000 mAh+ capacity recommended.
  • Scissors – For cutting the tape to size.

Step-by-Step Assembly

Follow these steps to construct the DIY copper tape USB charger:

  1. Cut two pieces of the copper tape around 1.5 inches long.
  2. Find the charging port on the back of your T500 smartwatch. Locate the two spring-loaded charging pins inside.
  3. Carefully place the two strips of copper tape onto the charging pins, making sure they are making full contact. The adhesive will hold them in place.
  4. Plug your power bank into a wall outlet or other power source to start charging the internal battery.
  5. Use a USB A to Micro USB cable to connect the power bank’s USB-A port to the copper tape leads you affixed to the smartwatch’s charging pins.
  6. The exposed copper tape area that’s not adhered down will now conduct power from the power bank into the watch and start charging it.
  7. Monitor the watch periodically and disconnect the power bank when the watch is fully charged to avoid overcharging.

And that’s it, you now have a DIY smartwatch charger! It’s not too convenient, but very handy for emergency charging.

Charging Time and Performance

Charging time with the DIY charger will vary based on the capacity of the power bank used. With a 10,000 mAh power bank, expect around 2-3 hours for a full 0-100% charge. Monitor while charging and top up the power bank as needed.

The connection can be finicky so check frequently that charging is happening reliably. Carefully remove the copper tape when finished to avoid damaging the watch’s pins when not charging.

Safety and Longevity

Take precautions when using the DIY charger. Never leave it unattended, as poor contact with the copper tape can potentially overheat the watch. Unplug when fully charged to avoid overcharging.

The adhesive can leave residue on the watch’s charging pins with repeated use. Consider using small magnets to temporarily hold the tape in place rather than fully adhering them.

This DIY charging method is really intended only for temporary emergency use until you can replace the stock charger. Don’t rely on it for frequent long term charging.

Method 4 – Buying a Replacement Third Party Charger

The final option is to simply purchase an inexpensive replacement or generic charger for the T500 smartwatch online.

Replacement chargers are readily available from various retailers for around $5-$10. While not OEM, they work reliably for a fraction of the price.

Finding a Compatible Replacement

When shopping for a replacement T500 charger, you’ll want to look for these key features:

  • Designed specifically for the T500 smartwatch
  • Uses the pogo pin style connector
  • Stated input/output of 5V/1A
  • Positive user reviews mentioning T500 compatibility
  • Reasonable price around $5-$10

As long as the charger matches the pogo pin design and power specs, it should charge your T500 without issue. Consider reading reviews and comparing a few options to identify the best replacement for your needs.

Charging Time and Performance

Third party replacement chargers perform very similarly to the OEM charger, with a full charge taking 1-2 hours typically. You can expect near identical charging speeds and reliability.

The main advantage of replacement chargers is they offer an affordable backup option. If your OEM charger gets lost or breaks, spending $5-10 to quickly get a backup keeps your T500 watch powered on without disruption.

For the best performance, look for replacement chargers using a short USB cable like the stock charger, rather than those with a permanently attached long cable.

Comparison of Charging Methods

Here is a quick overview table comparing the key pros and cons of each charging method:

MethodProsConsTime to Full Charge
USB ChargerConvenient, fast, portableNeed compatible charger2-3 hours
Wireless PadNo cables, just set downNeed compatible model2-3 hours
DIY ChargerUses common suppliesSlow, inconvenient2-3 hours
Replacement ChargerAffordable, reliableNeed to wait for delivery1-2 hours

So in summary:

  • USB is the quickest and most convenient method if you have a compatible smartphone or USB-C PD charger available.
  • Wireless charging is the most seamless user experience for compatible models.
  • DIY charging provides a stopgap solution with common supplies when needed.
  • Replacement chargers offer reliable performance for an affordable price.

Choose the option that best fits your situation and needs when finding yourself without the stock T500 smartwatch charger.

Tips for Charging Without Your Stock Charger

Here are some other helpful tips for keeping your T500 powered without the OEM charger:

  • Conserve battery life by disabling unnecessary features and lowering screen brightness.
  • Switch to a more basic watch face design to reduce power draw.
  • Enable battery saver mode to limit performance and stretch out remaining charge.
  • If possible, borrow a friend’s charger who has the same watch model.
  • Find charging slots at airport lounges or other public facilities in a pinch.
  • Carry backup batteries like a power bank when traveling to recharge if needed.
  • Store your charger carefully to avoid losing it when not home.
  • Consider getting a designated travel charger so your home one stays safe.
  • Don’t wait until fully dead to charge – top up early when possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does charging with a power bank take compared to the original charger?

Charging through a power bank’s USB port is slower than directly using the wall adapter included with the stock charger. Expect around 2-3 hours for a full 0-100% charge when charging via power bank. The original charger can often fully charge in 1-2 hours.

Q: Can I use a quick charger or smartphone charger rated higher than 5V/1A?

It’s generally not recommended to use chargers with higher voltage and amp ratings than the 5V/1A the T500 is designed for. Charging at higher wattages risks damaging the watch’s charging circuitry. Stick to standard 5V/1A USB ports for the safest charging.

Q: Is it safe to DIY charge my watch with copper tape long term?

The DIY charging method using copper tape is designed for temporary emergency charging only. The connection is not ideal for frequent long term use. Prolonged charging through copper tape can lead to overheating, adhesive buildup, and possible pin corrosion over time. Use sparingly until you can replace the proper T500 charger.

Final Thoughts

Losing the stock smartwatch charger doesn’t need to be a catastrophic event leaving you with a dead T500. With some clever hacking, DIY skills, affordable replacements, and proper power sources, you can rig up effective charging solutions fairly easily.

Hopefully this guide has given you several options to keep your T500 powered on and functional if you ever find yourself without its dedicated OEM charger. Let me know in the comments if you have any other creative charging methods I missed!


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