How to Fast Forward on Apple TV: A Detailed Guide

Apple TV is a popular streaming media player that allows you to access various apps and services to watch movies, TV shows, and more on your television. A useful feature when watching any video content is the ability to fast forward through parts you want to skip over.

Whether you want to skip ads, breeze through slow scenes, or jump ahead to a certain point, fast forwarding on Apple TV is easy to do once you know the controls. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about fast forwarding on Apple TV models.

An Overview of Fast Forwarding on Apple TV

Fast forwarding on Apple TV allows you to skip ahead in whatever video content you are streaming or watching. When you fast forward, the video jumps ahead by a set interval, allowing you to bypass sections and find the spot you want to resume playback.

The main ways to fast forward on Apple TV include:

  • Using the trackpad/touch surface on the Apple TV remote – Swiping right skips forward 10 seconds while swiping and holding skips forward continuously.
  • Touching and holding the right side of the remote – This also skips forward continuously.
  • Using Siri voice commands – You can say commands like “Fast forward 30 seconds” or “Skip ahead 2 minutes.”
  • Using keyboard shortcuts – Pressing the right arrow key skips forward 10 seconds.

The fast forward controls work in any video playback app on Apple TV, whether you are watching a movie, TV show, or other streaming content. The amount it skips ahead depends on the model of Apple TV you have.

Below we’ll go into more details on how to fast forward with each method on various Apple TV models.

Fast Forwarding Using the Apple TV Remote

The Apple TV remote that comes with 4K and HD models has a touchpad/touch surface at the top. This allows you to swipe and tap to control playback. Here’s how to use it to fast forward:

Apple TV 4K (1st Gen and Later)

  • Swipe right – Swiping your finger to the right on the remote’s touchpad skips the video forward 10 seconds each time you swipe.
  • Touch and hold right side – Placing your thumb or finger on the right side of the touchpad and holding skips forward continuously at 1.5x speed until you lift your thumb.
  • Swipe and hold right – Swiping to the right and keeping your thumb held down after the swipe will also continuously fast forward at a faster 3x speed.

Apple TV HD

  • Swipe right – Similarly, swiping right skips 15 seconds on the Apple TV HD remote.
  • Touch and hold right – Holding down the right side skips forward continuously, but only at 1x regular speed.

The older Apple TV models had a circular clickpad instead of a touchpad, but the controls are similar:

Apple TV 3rd Gen

  • Swipe clockwise – Swiping clockwise in a circular motion skips forward 10 seconds.
  • Hold finger on right side – Holding down on the right area of the clickpad skips forward continuously at 1x speed.

Apple TV 2nd Gen

  • Click right side – Clicking the right side of the old circular clickpad skips forward 30 seconds.
  • Click and hold right side – Holding down the click on the right side fast forwards continuously at 1x speed.

So in summary, swiping/clicking right on any Apple TV remote will skip forward, while touching and holding the right side results in continuous fast forwarding.

Using Siri Voice Commands to Fast Forward

If you have a Siri remote, you can use voice commands to control fast forwarding hands-free.

Some examples of Siri voice commands for fast forwarding include:

  • “Fast forward 30 seconds” – Skips ahead 30 seconds.
  • “Skip ahead 2 minutes” – Jumps ahead 2 minutes.
  • “Fast forward 5 minutes”- Skips forward 5 minutes.
  • “Jump to the 15 minute mark” – Jumps directly to a specific timecode.
  • “Resume” or “Play” – Starts playback again after fast forwarding.

Siri allows you to quickly skip forward an exact amount with just your voice. Use natural language like “Fast forward” or “Skip ahead” followed by the desired time interval.

Fast Forward Using Keyboard Shortcuts

When using an Apple TV with a keyboard attached, you can use the arrow keys to control fast forwarding:

  • Press the right arrow key – This skips forward 10 seconds, just like swiping right on the remote.
  • Hold down the right arrow – Holding the key down continuously fast forwards at 2x speed until released.
  • Press shift + right arrow – Skips forward 60 seconds instead of 10.
  • Press option + right arrow – Skips forward 600 seconds, or 10 minutes.

Keyboard shortcuts provide another quick way to precisely fast forward by custom amounts by modifying the right arrow key presses with shift and option.

Tips for Fast Forwarding Effectively on Apple TV

Here are some helpful tips to use fast forwarding more effectively when watching shows on your Apple TV:

  • Use larger time jumps for longer content – For movies or long videos, skip ahead in larger chunks like 30 seconds, 1 minute, or more.
  • Try varying the speed – Touching vs swiping right varies the fast forward speed, so experiment to find what works best.
  • Visually search for the spot to resume – Letting the video run while fast forwarding can help identify the right scene or time to stop and continue watching.
  • Use Siri for precise times – If you know the exact minute mark to skip to, use Siri voice commands to immediately jump there.
  • Turn on closed captions – Enabling closed captions or subtitles can help follow along while fast forwarding.
  • Take note of the timecode – Pay attention to the time elapsed as you skip forward so you know where you left off.
  • Use replay to go back – If you skip too far, you can say “replay the last 30 seconds” to Siri or swipe left to go back.

With the ability to fast forward on demand, you can breeze through the parts you don’t need to watch and make the most of your Apple TV viewing experience.

How to Fast Forward on Common Streaming Apps

Fast forwarding works on any video content played through Apple TV, including within popular streaming apps. Here are the steps for the most commonly used services:


  1. Start playing a TV show or movie in the Netflix app.
  2. Either swipe right on the Siri remote, use a voice command like “Fast forward 30 seconds”, or press the right arrow on a paired keyboard.
  3. The video will skip ahead as configured. Swipe left to replay if needed.


  1. Select and start watching a video on Hulu.
  2. Swipe right on the Siri remote to skip forward 10 or 15 seconds (depending on Apple TV model).
  3. Continue swiping to keep skipping or touch and hold on the right to fast forward continuously.


  1. Begin streaming any movie or series on Disney+.
  2. Say “Siri, fast forward 2 minutes” or swipe right on the Siri remote to skip ahead.
  3. Tap the touchpad to resume normal playback.


  1. Launch a TV show or movie on HBO Max.
  2. Press and hold the right side of the touchpad, use the right arrow key on a paired keyboard, or use Siri to fast forward.
  3. Resume playback by releasing or tapping the touchpad.

Amazon Prime Video

  1. Select a video on Prime Video to start watching.
  2. Swipe right on the Siri remote to skip forward 10 or 15 seconds at a time.
  3. Tap the touchpad to stop fast forwarding and continue watching.

The process is quick and consistent across most streaming apps – simply use the Apple TV remote or Siri to skip forward at any time as needed while streaming.

Troubleshooting Fast Forward Issues on Apple TV

If you are having problems fast forwarding on your Apple TV, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check app permissions – Make sure the app has permission to access media controls like fast forwarding.
  • Update the app – An outdated app version can cause issues with playback controls.
  • Restart the Apple TV – If all apps aren’t working, reboot your Apple TV by going to Settings > System > Restart.
  • Check your network connection – Fast forwarding requires a stable internet connection to stream uninterrupted.
  • Reset remote – Go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Remote to reset and reconnect the Siri remote.
  • Check video quality setting – Lower quality video can have problems with fast forwarding. Increase video quality in app settings if needed.
  • Factory reset Apple TV – For serious issues, reset your Apple TV back to factory default settings, then set up again.

With a bit of troubleshooting, you should be able to resolve any problems and get smooth fast forwarding on your Apple TV again.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fast Forwarding on Apple TV

Here are answers to some common questions about fast forwarding video on Apple TV:

How do I skip commercials on Apple TV?

Double tap the right side of the touchpad on the Siri remote to skip forward 30 seconds – great for bypassing ads. Or use Siri voice commands like “Skip ahead 60 seconds”.

Can you rewind on Apple TV?

Yes, you can rewind by swiping left on the touchpad. This goes back 10 or 15 seconds per swipe depending on the model. You can also say “Siri, replay the last 30 seconds”.

How do I skip intros on Apple TV?

TV show intros are usually 30-60 seconds. Try saying “Fast forward 1 minute” or swipe right on the Siri remote twice to skip past intros seamlessly.

Why is fast forward not working on my Apple TV?

If fast forward is not working, check for app issues, network connection, remote reset, or software updates needed. A factory reset can also resolve software bugs preventing fast forwarding.

Is there a fast forward button on Apple TV remote?

There is no dedicated fast forward button, but you can fast forward by swiping right on the touchpad, holding your finger on the right edge, or using Siri voice commands to skip ahead.


Whether you want to bypass ads, skip back to a favorite scene, or jump directly to the end credits, fast forwarding on Apple TV makes video watching efficient and customized. Swiping right on the Siri remote, using Siri voice commands, or pressing keyboard shortcuts provides instant control. Just remember to swipe left or use “replay” to go back if needed. With the handy techniques in this guide, you can now master fast forwarding on your Apple TV for an optimized viewing experience.


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