How To Find The IMEI Number On Your Android Phone

The unique IMEI number is key to identifying your specific Android device for various purposes. But do you know where to find the important 15-17 digit code on your phone or tablet? This comprehensive guide will walk you through the quick and easy process.

What is the IMEI and Why Do You Need It?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It’s a distinctive number assigned to every individual mobile phone, including all Android devices.

Knowing your IMEI can come in handy for:

  • Blocking or blacklisting lost or stolen devices
  • Checking warranty and support status
  • Tapping into carrier services
  • Identifying your phone model and manufacturer
  • Accessing troubleshooting tools
  • Purchasing insurance
  • Filing claims for damaged/missing devices

So it’s useful to have your Android IMEI on hand in case you ever need to uniquely identify your phone. Let’s look at the 3 simplest ways to find it.

Method 1: Locate the IMEI Sticker on Your Device

The quickest approach is to simply locate the IMEI sticker placed on your device. Here’s how:

Check Under the Battery on Phones

On most Android phones, you’ll find the IMEI sticker after removing the back cover and detaching the battery. Look for a small white sticker with the IMEI number printed on it. It’s usually on the inner rear casing.

Find the Sticker on Tablets

For Android tablets, the IMEI sticker is typically located on the outer rear casing. You may need to pop off a small panel on some models to expose it.

The sticker will say “IMEI” or “IMEI/Serial” followed by the unique sequence of numbers. Be sure to replace any batteries and covers afterward.

Pro Tip: Take a clear photo of the IMEI sticker for easy reference.

Method 2: Use Dialer Codes to Display the IMEI

Android devices have built-in dialer codes that instantly display your IMEI number right on screen. Here’s what to do:

  1. Open your phone app or dialer screen.
  2. Enter *#06# into the keypad.
  3. Tap the call button. Don’t actually call the number.
  4. Your device’s IMEI will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Note down or screenshot the number.

This handy universal dialer code works on all Android models from any manufacturer or carrier. Give it a try if the sticker method doesn’t work.

Method 3: Locate the IMEI in Your Device Settings

You can also easily access your IMEI through your Android device’s Settings menu. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch your Settings app.
  2. Select About Phone or About Device/Tablet.
  3. Tap Status or Hardware Info.
  4. Your IMEI will be listed here. Take note of the number.

On many Samsung devices, the IMEI is under About Phone > Status > IMEI. But Settings menus vary across manufacturers. If you can’t find it, try searching for “IMEI” in Settings.

Tip: Screenshot the IMEI from Settings in case you need it later.

Important Uses for the Android IMEI Number

Now that you’ve found your phone or tablet’s unique IMEI number, here are some of the most helpful ways to put it to use:

  • Add the IMEI to your lock screen – This displays it visibly if your phone gets lost.
  • Take a photo and save it – Have the number easily accessible for future support issues.
  • Register the IMEI with carriers – Lets them block stolen devices from their networks.
  • Provide for insurance claims – Required for claiming lost, damaged or stolen devices.
  • Lookup warranty status – Manufacturers use the IMEI to check warranty and support eligibility.
  • Enable troubleshooting – Many device diagnostics tools need the IMEI number.
  • Identify unknown models – The first IMEI digits reveal your phone’s make and model.

Expert Tips for Finding and Using the IMEI

Follow these expert recommendations for locating and leveraging your Android device’s unique IMEI number:

  • Try all 3 methods shown to find your IMEI, just in case.
  • Note the number down somewhere safe like your phone case or manual.
  • Avoid openly sharing your IMEI to protect against potential misuse.
  • Back up the IMEI digitally through screenshots, photos or encrypted files.
  • If your device doesn’t display an IMEI, contact your manufacturer.
  • Power cycling your phone can help if the IMEI isn’t showing up.
  • Look for IMEI stickers on the plastic wrapping of new phones.
  • Provide your IMEI to carriers immediately if your phone is lost or stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions About IMEI Numbers

Here are answers to some common questions about finding and using Android phone IMEI numbers:

What if my phone doesn’t show the IMEI at all?

Try power cycling the device and reinserting the SIM card. If you still can’t locate the IMEI through any method, contact your device manufacturer or carrier for troubleshooting help.

Where is the IMEI on the box or packaging?

The IMEI number is not printed on the external packaging of most Android phones. You’ll need to find the IMEI sticker on the physical phone instead. However, some manufacturers include the sticker on the inner clear wrapping.

Can I give my IMEI to others if needed?

Only share your IMEI with reputable sources like your carrier or phone maker. Avoid giving it to random third parties online or otherwise, as it could potentially enable device tracking or other security risks in very rare cases.


Finding your Android device’s IMEI only takes a few quick seconds using the techniques outlined above. Locate it on your physical phone, call up the number with dialer codes, or view it in your Settings.

Knowing your IMEI can help with many phone services—from blocking stolen devices to warranty support. Record this important number so you have it handy whenever needed.

With this simple guide, you can now easily find the IMEI on any Android smartphone or tablet. Keep it accessible for smooth device management and enhanced security.


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